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Crystal clear photography that can be offered in packages that include CD's, uploaded to our page if wanted and a lot of great quality photos of your event to remember. 


The lighting that we have to offer is all top of the line lighting. We have lazers, coloured LED's, strobes and heaps more! Our lighting technition with experience over 5 years does a amazing light display and very cool effects with our fog.


Our DJ's set are incredible and there's nothing more we like than practicing and listening to him. He can play all genres of music from electronic to rock or classical. It is assured you'll love his music. To check out some of his own mixes check out the link below:





With all our excellent services we will give you an event you'll never forget!


By  hiring us you accept full reliability for all the people at the event. No safety reliability is to be put on Rave as we do not provide security as well. If an injury occurs during the event it is not to be held on us and it is required to pay whilst staff are there.